Sleep Studies

A sleep study measures your body’s function during sleep. It’s a simple, painless analysis of the length and quality of your sleep. A sleep study allows our providers to thoroughly evaluate your sleeping habits and determine the proper course of treatment for your sleep disorder.

Sleep Study Experience

Prior to your sleep study, we’ll talk about what you should expect. We want you to feel completely comfortable. When you arrive for your study, you’ll be treated with kindness, respect and friendly care. We'll answer your questions in language you can understand.

You’ll sleep overnight in a private, special room, while a trained technologist monitors your breathing, brain wave activity, heart rate, body movements and blood oxygen levels. You’ll be in the care of people with many years of experience. All aspects of your experience—sleep study, diagnosis and treatment—are physician-supervised.

Most studies last only one night, but on rare occasions require multiple-night stays. Overnight studies conclude at approximately 6 a.m. We’ve developed a highly efficient check-out process to help you get on your way quickly; you’ll have no problem reaching work on time. However, you’re welcome to stay for a complimentary continental breakfast or to relax with a cappuccino either in our garden or by the fireplace.

The Sleep Wellness Institute also provides home sleep studies under certain circumstances. Our experts are here to help you find the option that's best for your health, and home sleep studies are not recommended for everyone. If you have a more complex sleep concern or other health risk factors, you my be best monitored in our home-like facility. Our sleep physicians and nurse practitioners will work with your insurance company and primary care provider to determine if a home sleep study is right for you. 

By the way, did you know that some sleep studies don't even take place overnight? We offer three sleep study shifts to accommodate your personal and business schedule.

We’re confident you’ll find our facilities warm and inviting. We do everything possible to make your visit a positive, comforting experience.