Surgical Treatments

Our extensive network of specialists allows us to coordinate any treatment necessary to care for our patients. In some cases, surgery is an option for treating sleep apnea. When this is the most appropriate treatment option, The Sleep Wellness Institute works with its healthcare partners, physicians, clinics and surgical centers to provide a referral for surgery. 

Common surgical procedures include removal of enlarged tonsils and adenoids (especially in children), nasal polyps or other growths or tissues and correction of a deviated nasal septum. Additional surgical options include:

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)

In this procedure, a surgeon removes excess tissues at the back of the throat, including tonsils, uvula and part of the soft palate.

Laser Assisted Uvuloplasty (LAUP)

LAUP is performed to reduce or eliminate snoring. A laser device removes tissue in the back of the throat.


A surgeon performs a tracheostomy only in the most severe, life-threatening cases of sleep apnea. This procedure creates an external opening in the windpipe to enable air to flow directly into the lungs, bypassing any upper airway obstruction. This opening is plugged while the subject is awake, but is opened during sleep. Although highly effective, it is rarely used.

Maxilomandibular Advancement

Deformities of the lower jaw can be corrected with this surgery.

For more information or to discuss a referral for surgical treatment, contact us today!