What’s it like to wake up ready to take on the day?

Sleeping well may be the best way to improve your life. That has been the case for many of our patients. They came to us concerned. They left with renewed energy and a positive outlook on their personal and business lives.

Ethics and honesty

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and fast service today. You were great! I have all my CPAP supplies now, and got a pleasant piece of information from Lisa at the CPAP store. On the Mirage Quattro mask, there are 2 pieces of soft plastic that clip on and are in direct contact with the facial skin. They tend to wear out quicker than the solid portion of the mask. She mentioned that my insurance will pay for a replacement of that every month, and should run around $50. This was good news, because when I would ask for these snap on parts at other places, they would quote me a price $3 less than the cost of the entire mask, so I would be forced to replace the entire mask. It is nice to deal with a company that has ethics and is honest. Again, thanks for your help....I should rest well tonight.”

Larry L.

Previously asleep at the wheel

"My sales job requires me to drive all over the state. I used to get so tired around 2 or 3 in the afternoon that I’d have to pull over and take a nap. My work suffered, and I worried about falling asleep at the wheel.

“My wife told my doctor at the Sleep Wellness Institute that I also snored and stopped breathing during the night. He scheduled me right away for a sleep study. It turned out I had sleep apnea. Now I use a CPAP machine while I sleep, and it’s made all the difference. I don’t feel like I’m going to fall asleep while driving and I’m a lot more productive at my job.”

Bob K.

Used to nod off at work

"I had to force myself to stay active at my job just so I wouldn’t fall asleep. After work, I’d fall asleep in front of the TV. I never had energy, no matter how much I slept.

“After my sleep study at the Sleep Wellness Institute, my doctor recommended I use a CPAP machine at night. The treatment turned my life around. I’m in bed less but feel more rested, my blood pressure is lower, and the problems with my ulcerative colitis went away.”

Scott L.

Was restless every night

"Every night I’d fall asleep around 10 o’clock and wake up a few hours later for no reason. At 2 a.m. I’d be lying there just thinking about things. In the morning, I had to drink four cups of coffee. And in the afternoon, I’d want to take a nap.

“I had a thorough discussion with my insomnia specialist at the Sleep Wellness Institute. He concluded that I had a classic case of short-term insomnia on the verge of having chronic insomnia. The medication he prescribed, and his tips for working through my problem, gave me my old life back. I’m much happier, my family is happier, and I drink a lot less coffee.”

Laura R.

CPAP changed his life

"As far as I was concerned, I never had a sleep disorder, even though for 10 years I’d feel tired driving to work and I even fell asleep in the car. My wife convinced me that I had a problem. So I had a sleep study done, and it confirmed sleep apnea.

“Now, I use a CPAP and it’s great. Results are the name of the game, and I’ve never felt better. I sleep a good 7-8 hours every night now.

“The people at the Sleep Wellness Institute are phenomenal! Everything was done first class. They’re very good at what they do, and they do a great job of follow-up. I couldn’t be happier! I had considered getting a sleep study done at a hospital, but felt the service was too cookie-cutter. I’m really glad I went to the Sleep Wellness Institute. Now, I’m the poster child for getting better sleep.”

Thomas S.

CPAP saved her

"I had a problem sleeping for 10 years and didn’t realize it. The Sleep Wellness Institute diagnosed me with sleep apnea and recommended a CPAP. I think it saved my life!

“The people at the Sleep Wellness Institute took very good care of me. They did an excellent job of explaining everything to me in advance. After I was fitted with a CPAP mask, I immediately got three to four hours of really good sleep. I woke up thinking, ‘I’m not exhausted!’ It was amazing! Plus, I have asthma and bronchitis, and used to get several bad episodes per year. Since being treated, I’ve had only one episode of bronchitis, and even that was very short.

Now I recommend Sleep Wellness to everybody. A friend of mine had a sleep study done at a hospital and was displeased, and I had to say ‘I told you so!'"

Catherine S.

Incredibly tired every morning

"Every morning I got up it was like I hadn’t slept. I was so tired by 2 in the afternoon that I would just go into the back room at work and cry. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could go to bed. I was usually in bed within 45 minutes of getting home, and still woke up incredibly tired.

“The Sleep Wellness Institute treated me with a CPAP that I use every night. Now I no longer have to plan my schedule around finding time for naps. My life is so much more normal. I’m not stressed over sleep, and I can enjoy a night out without feeling cranking or antsy about getting home to bed.”

Linda G.